2015-contest-button-sm 2018 Free Publishing Winners

After careful review and significant deliberation, Word Alive Press is thrilled to announce the winning manuscripts for our 2018 Free Publishing Contest!

2018 Fiction Winner Contest_ribbon_right_inverse
Fiction Winner: Patrick Bell
In His Majesty’s Secret Service

In His Majesty’s Secret Service follows a group of Bible smugglers as they travel through Romania before the fall of the Soviet Union. Join these dynamic characters as they dodge informants and help an innocent man escape from prison.

“I’m so thrilled to be selected as the Fiction winner and to see this historical novel finally come to light. Our work to support the persecuted church around the world must continue.”
—Patrick Bell, Fiction winner for In His Majesty’s Secret Service

2018 Non-Fiction Winner Contest_ribbon_right_inverse
Non-Fiction Winner: Darlene Martens
Amazing Grace, Abounding Love

Amazing Grace, Abounding Love is a story of healing after a turbulent childhood. In it, Darlene tells of the discovery that the mother she has known her whole life is not her biological mother. At the same time, she’s dealing with the effects that alcoholism and sexual abuse had on her young life. Follow this brave woman’s journey as she reconnects with God and finds unexpected strength and people along the way.

“My initial reaction was shock and disbelief. Then, as the news of the win sunk in, I felt absolutely elated!”
—Darlene Martens, Non-Fiction winner for Amazing Grace, Abounding Love

Congratulations to Patrick and Darlene!

We would also like to celebrate the authors of the following exceptional manuscripts that made our shortlists and honourable mention list:

Fiction Shortlist

Andrea Kell, for From the Hero Archives
Karen Robichaud, for Tears in the Desert
Eleanor Bertin, for Unbound
Brooklyn Biegel, for The Hidden Witness
Ruth Anderson, for Caverns of the Heart
Wendell Martens, for Hollow

Non-Fiction Shortlist

David Kitz, for James, the Lynchpin
Heather Boersma, for Letters from a Big Sister
Greg Legge, for The Beginner’s Guide to the Rapture
Benno Kurvits, for Outrun the Bear
Jennifer Parkinson, for My Name Is Not Alice
Lori Maughan, for Me… Following Him

Honourable Mention list:

Mary Foulger, for Loving Nathan
Alec Capay, for Understanding the Five Fold Ministry
David Braun, for Father Blind
H. Dave Derkson, for Follow the Lamb
Dave Peever, for Blueprint
Carrie Podsednikova, for First Aid for the Seeker’s Soul
Kim Weiler, for True Confessions of a Missionary
Deb Elkink, for The Red Journal
Glen Martin, for When Hope Came to Univille
Kodie Van Dusen, for The Diary of a Serial Monogamist
Bobbie Ann Cole, for Being Lena Levi
Rebecca Wilkins, for Acid River
Crystal Hildebrand, for Playing the Game
Pia Thompson, for Benaiah: Mighty Man of God

Congratulations to the shortlisted and honourable mention authors! And a sincere thank you to each and every person who entered our contest this year. We are blessed to have a very talented community of Christian writers in Canada!